I wish this was an April Fool's joke but today is the satrt of a new month. Really? It's already April? Where have the last three months gone? I am keeping busy with all sorts of fibery stuff. Not much weaving but spinning, knitting, etc. I am seriously thinking about selling my Mighty Wolf and saving up for a smallish Swedish loom. Any thoughts? I just think that it would be easier on my knees. Hope this finds all well and busy at weaverly thinkgs. Keep posting projects, classes, visits to museums, etc. And remember to feel free to ask questions . . . . Weave on all!


Erica J


I find the Swedish looms much easier on my body as a whole. 

I love my Glimakra looms! Sara von Treskow sells a different brand, whuch functions tye same, but the tie up is done differently.

I wove the latest Damask sample on one of my Glimakras.


Endorph, In February, I took ownership of an Oxaback Ulla Cyrus (the "other brand" that Sara Von Treskow sells, the version that is bigger than the lilla).  I was so nervous - having heard bad stories about the impossibility of the tie ups.  But it has been great.  In fast, it has been so great that I just purchased (but not yet picked up) a second Ulla Cyrus (16 shafts!).

But what might be especially interesting to you is how this has affected my feelings about my mightywolf.  I've had this loom for more than 25 years, and last year outfitted it with a tempo treadle.  I love this loom.  However, after weaving on the Ulla Cyrus, the mighty wolf seems flimsy, like a child's loom. 

Your mileage may vary...


When I take classes at my LYS I am weaving on Swedish looms. I eally notice the difference when I got home and weave on the MW. I love my loom but I think it may be time to part ways.

sally orgren

I am taking a workshop later this month – and hopefully I will get a chance to try a drawloom!

It's terrific to try different looms in workshops. The more unusual looms I have woven on include a walking loom, the Nadeau, Seguin, and the TC2. I loved the walking loom, but I am not much of a rug weaver. If I lived near someone who had one, I might consider renting it out once or twice a year to make a rug, just for the pure enjoyment of physically weaving on it!

I haven't found the absolutely perfect loom to weave everything, but it's great knowing which looms might be more suitable for specific pursuits.

As my interests change, and perhaps aging issues inevitably arise, it's good to know the options.


I have a 60" AVL16 that is easy to treadle and a 30" AVL40 with eLift.  Both have the auto-warp-advance which makes plain weave and lace look absolutely fabulous.  Both looms have computer interfaces and both are rock solid. 


Congratulations, Queezle! I didn't realize you had made the shift! I love the Oxaback looms. I have the Ulla Cyrus with drawloom attachment. I was fortunate enough to have a brief visit with Sara and Hans in their shop last weekend. The Lilla is a lovely loom, too, and so nice for smaller spaces. Sara even has a 50 shaft drawloom set up on it!

I'm sure I've said it before, if it weren't for the Scandinavian looms, I wouldn't be weaving. My body is a mess. Right now I'm hoping for no more neck surgery. Sigh.

Joanne Hall

Maybe YOU need to get that drawloom for sale in New Jersey.



I would love that. I could juat give up my living room!Laughing

Joanne Hall

I never had a living room sofa.  The loom was always there.  After weaving for about 25 years, someone gave me a sofa and I soon passed it on to someone else.



I placed an order for 3/2 cotton last night, working on organizing shelving,   and I'm waiting on a new copy of Strickler--my 7 month old puppy ate it while I was in the shower.

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