Draw Pulls slipping out

Hello fellow Double Harness weavers!

I have a Myrehead drawloom attachment. I am using the shaft drawloom. I have warped and adjusted my loom. For at least the last year I have been living with an annoyance. Several of the draw pulleys (not all) will not stay pulled. I pull them start weaving and they pop out and drop the shaft. I believe this is due to some of the pull cords being too wide. However if you have other suggestions for troubleshooting this issue, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you,




HI Erica....can you provide a photo of your set up and perhaps a close up of the draw pull cords and the slots the errant pulls fitĀ into?


Here is a photo of the pulls that are giving me the most trouble. They look very crowded to me and it seems they clash with each other when pulled, which is why I think the issue is the width of the pulls themselves. I would happily be wrong! :) Thank you for your help!

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