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My apologies for this bring half way through the month! Show us what you've done!



I'm definitely getting into daily Weaverliness over winter break. I have woven 30" of Damask so far. I'm aiming for just over 2 yards by the new year! I look forward to seeing what you all have been weaving!


I just finished doubleweave hotpads and some crackle towels. But I can't upload the pics to my projects yet. The projects section isn't working right.  But here they are. 


crackle towels



Attemptinig to upload into the project section either by content image or listing image sends you to the Spinning wheel sleuth (can't access) page.  By trying to insert an image in the 'image' section of the comment results in a request for a URL only - no browse/upload button.


At least we can upload into comments now. Thanks!!  Happy Holidays!


I'm glad you all are enjoying the new, easy comment upload system.

We are working in fixing the project image issue. Fubfers crossed it will be fixed by the new year.


I finished up some towels I had done on my Nilus2 earlier this year. Cotton warp Cotton and linen weft. Simple 4 shafters, but nice fabric. More holiday gifts. I'm waaay behind this year. 


Finished a 24" square blanket for my mother-in-law's dog and a 60" scarf for a local charity. Both are finished and ready to go.


Working on 36" wide bath towels with pile, here are the pile lifting dowels. Pile beam feeds warp as I weave. When I get to a solid section I put tension on. That is in the pink area with plain weave stripes either end of a and 3-1 twill (1 tabby between) stripe. Slow but not difficult because the loom does all the sheds. :)


Hi - the system is sending me update emails for topics to which I have never visited nor subscribed - like this one. Do we know why that might be?  A December project thread is wonderful but some of the others are old and irrelevant. 


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I started a new set of designs on my drawloom today. I changed the tie up to one from Becky Ashenden's video. Since I was down under the loom anyway, I also installed the Vävstuga tie up system. So of course I need to make a few adjustments to the shed, but I think it will be much easier this time. I love this Persian inspired design!


Erica, you're light years ahead of me.  Drawloom strikes fear into my heart. All those cords!  But the results sure are fantastic.   I have enough confusion with the cords on my Toika 8S.  Keep up the great work.


I've got a few more towels on the loom now. 11 yd warp should give me about 9-10 towels. It's the checkered kitchen towels from the HW Designer collection 16 - kitchen collection.  A fun weave but also fun to play around with different tieups and treadlings. 

24 epi/ 2/dent 12 dent reed.  2 shuttle weave. Inactive color carrying up the side. Crammed selvedge of 3/dent last 2 dents.



The towels look great! You've been doing a lot of weaving!

It took me a long to overcome my fear of drawloom weaving, but now that I have I am enjoying how many possibilities it opens up! I just tell me myself, it's just counting. :) I also have to get to the point where I enjoy threading the loom because you have to do it twice. :)

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Thanks Erica,

I was way behind on holiday gifts this year. It became a last minute rush. But I do enjoy it.

Re: Drawloom, I learn best by seeing/demonstration. And being self-taught, learning this stuff out of books usually throws me. I don't mind threading or dressing the loom in general. It's just one of the processes we need to go thru before the fun part begins. Several people on Rav have moved onto drawlooms, adding harnesses to their existing looms and such. If I were to watch the process, I think I'd be more inclned to attempt it. I still have to get my 20+ system up and running on my Toika. Baby steps.


Well, it seems the pictures that were in the comments are gone again. Or at least I can't see them.



And it's January - need a Jan 2019 check-in

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