Happy May Day! Hope everyone is having a great year so far. I have several projects planned out now to bring them to fruition. Where does the time go? Weave on everyone.


sally orgren

The highlight for me at the end of April was taking the Weaving II Class with Madelyn van der Hoogt and Suzie Liles (plus 12 other students), at Madelyn's Weavers School on Whidbey Island. Loved working on the drawloom, along with all the other (32) looms that were available.

sally orgren

There is a new HGA Certificate of Excellence (COE) Level 1 in Dyeing certificate holder: Mary Ann Proia, from New York state.

The COE Exam was hosted by The Philadelphia Guild of Handweavers last week, coordinated by two COE program volunteers, and the submitted materials were examined by two experts in the field.

Congratulations to Mary Ann! And thank you to the COE team for their time and effort spent organizing, examining, grading, recording, and providing valuable feedback on the submissions.

An example of one of the exercises in dyeing to show proficiency in color:

The examination team participants at the PGHW guild house in Philadelphia:


this looks like it was so much un. Thanks for sharing the photos.


I hope everyone has had an enjoyable day. I've been able to do some arranging for new cotton.

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