sally orgren

VERY nice! And it sounds like despite the time it took and hip replacement inbetween, you enjoyed the process AND now the finished product! (Okay, so what's next?)

ozweaver (not verified)

How exciting....and quite a journey to arrive at this finished shawl, which is lovely!  I wish I could touch it!

SpinningGill (not verified)

That's a beautiful shawl. A V shawl is one of those things I've always wanted to weave. :)

lkautio (not verified)

Lovely.  I like the idea of a "sonnet process" for the color scheme.  Thanks for sharing!

Laurie Autio

Neshobe (not verified)

Your colors and pattern are really lovely.  I am impressed that you took on a V-shawl, and it does show off your yarns beautifully.  What a nice drape!  I'm glad you went "on and on" about how you did it, because I learn that way, and am reassured that it's ok to muddle about while I'm at it! 

repweaver (not verified)

Your colors are quite lovely and the shawl looks soft and warm.

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OK, this was a long project. It was inspird by the two articles in Handwoven about the people who wove cloaks modeled after the Lord of the Rings, in Nov/Dec 03 and Sep/Oct 04. I bought the green handspun yarn first, then gradually over the years found yarns I thought would work. Finally I decided I needed one last color, a light soft aqua, preferably hand spun. I found it on Etsy. Now to design. I pulled out all the yarn I had accumulated, laid it out in the sunlight, squinted my eyes and pulled out anything that did not go together, no matter how much I wanted to use it. I was left with six yarns. I reserved on as the weft, and the other 5 I warped in what I called  a sonnet pattern. Each yarn was assigned a letter a - e and I warped aaaaaa,ababab,bbbbbb,bcbcbc etc, repeating all the way across. I wove this as a v-shawl, doublewoven, following Kerstin Froberg's book Weave a V. It was a bit more complicated to do than I thought it would be (that is a very long story, many problems, trial and error, learned much) and I was interupted by hip replacement surgery. Finally finished weaving, tied off all the fringe, and fulled it. Then I brushed it all over with a baby brush for softness and nap. I do go on, none of my projects are short and simple.






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