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By Erica J, 19 June, 2016

I am beginning to consider putting my work in for ocnsideration in exhibitions. I know several people here have exhibited their work on a number of occassions. I am wondering if you post work you plan to exhibit here on Weavolution before it has been accepted. If not, is it because juried exhibitions prefer to do this annonymously. Or do you find posting your work here first helps you in the process?

Thank you for your advice/sharing your experience,


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Sara von Tresckow

6 years 3 months ago

I think there are no hard and fast rules for what you are asking. Generally "unpublished" means that the piece has not been shown in a publication or web site that is accessed by the general public.

I do know that the Convergence rule for "not published" does not include Complex Weavers Journal because that is a members only magazine that is not sold to the public - but VAV, S,S & D, or Handwoven would be "published" because they are offered and sold to the general public.


6 years 3 months ago

I think Sara is probably right here but it is a slippery slope. The other thing to consider is having your work " lifted " to someone's blog without permission.this has happened to me twice, they lifted the work from Weavolution, Sorry to say it.  Now, there are many things wrong with that! First they haven't asked you your permission. Perhaps it's a blog you don't want to support, perhaps they don't give you credit, at that point is it considered published?, maybe you don't want it on a blog at all! As my one son says who is a Animator,  has an Animation House, yes you have copyrights, but if you're a small artist there is not much you can do but write a nasty letter to the person/ organization who took your work without asking. Yes, you could probably do a lawsuit, cost a lot. But essentially once it's on the Internet , it's fair game. That upsets me a lot because it's not fair,but after I've thought about it a couple of years, I think he's probably right.

I was rather foolish at the beginning, but now I don't think I will  post " finished" pieces that I want to seriously exhibit Until I've researched  this more.

that all said, I have never had anything turned down because it was on an Internet site ( they don't ask)and I have exhibited in many juried regional exhibits and a few juried national exhibits. the rules seem to be all about published books, magazines, other exhibits, has it been woven in the last 2 years, size restrictions, hanging restrictions, original work, nothing done with a teacher or in a workshop, photos.   

Sorry I can't answer your question more precisely.


Erica J

6 years 3 months ago

Both these answers really help!

I am so sorry to hear that someone took your work from this site and published it as their own! There is nothing we can do about screenshots, but I can look into better securing images on our site, if this is a significant problem. Forutnately because of our server restirctions the images uploaded here are not the best resolution, for what that is worth.

Sara von Tresckow

6 years 3 months ago

Resolution is no issue. We know definitely that another weaving supply company took a poor quality image from our web site and is having "our" fan reed maker produce for their business. The reed maker let us know. Since he is a very small business, we are letting it go so he has food on the table.