CW Seminars 2014

By sally orgren, 26 June, 2014

Please post photos and tales from the conference for those of us "unfortunates" who did not get to attend this year! We are waiting patiently...(or not!)

Group Audience


sally orgren

8 years 3 months ago

How was the fashion show? What were the show stoppers?


8 years 3 months ago

Complex Weavers Facebook Google the above phrase you will see the photos uploaded to date I don't think you have to have a FB account, you can see it in your browser

lkautio (not verified)

8 years 3 months ago

Sally, I think they are having too much fun to report back in real time much. There are some nice photos on FB.

Stranded at home, too,


sarahnopp (not verified)

8 years 3 months ago

I didn't get to go to the seminars, but I drove up yesterday afternoon so I could see the Complexity show. I was blown away! It is a small world of weavers, so every third step there was someone else I needed to chat with. It was so nice to see some of the work in person I had only ever seen on a blog or in a book. And of course, it set my fingers itching and mind racing and much pondering about the possibility of many more shafts in my life.

There is also a show at B2 Gallery, just a few blocks away. They are showcasing the work of three weavers.

tien (not verified)

8 years 3 months ago

OMG, what an exciting few days! I've been enjoying the seminars, but the exhibits are spectacular. Complexity is easily the most impressive textiles exhibit I've ever seen - if you aren't at CW and are going to Convergence, don't miss it. There is a wide array of techniques represented - double weave woven shibori, double weave leno (I think - definitely leno, and I think double weave), origami (double weave with slits, with the bottom layer woven into a loop, drawn through the slit, and folded on itself creatively), 4-color double weave, ply-splitting, and many others. There is work from jacquard looms, 8 shaft looms, multishaft (more than 8) looms, and I think there's even a four-shaft piece or two! And the quality is amazing. Every piece shows innovative thought and design. It's a really amazing exhibit and I can't rave about it enough. I'm impressed that my phoenix scarf got in at all!

The Off the Runway exhibit was amazing, too. There were pieces there that could easily have taken "Best in Show" at any other exhibit. I was really impressed.

The Marketplace was really cool. Some noted weavers were selling their work there - Alice Schlein was selling her handmade books with jacquard-woven covers, Lillian Whipple her handwoven greeting cards, Sandra Rude her jacquard weavings, and Marg Coe her books on computer aided design, among others. John Mullarkey was selling his books and videos on tablet weaving, and Janet Stollnitz her dyed yarns. Just Our Yarns had gorgeous silks, including some 210/2 silk! which I have never seen for sale elsewhere. And Treenway Silks was there as well.

The Silent Auction had some wonderful treasures, too. There was a set of card weaving tablets used by Mary Meigs Atwater, beautiful little handwoven bags by Lillian Whipple, basalt (yes, the rock!) fiber "yarn", some beautiful monofilament silk yarn that three of us bid fiercely over, and many, many other gorgeous items related to handweaving. And a few items that weren't related to weaving but were nonetheless really cool, like a polymer clay pendant, felted hedgehog booties, and *ahem* fifteen small boxes of chocolate, brought by yours truly. (I'm pleased to say that those 15 boxes of chocolates brought in $333 for Complexity, and that they sold for $18-30 apiece! Thrilled to have contributed so much to the Complexity fund, and also thrilled that people valued them so highly.)

Stacey Harvey-Brown and Agnes Hauptli had a lovely exhibit as well - the gallery was only a few blocks away, so we popped over there last night.

I unfortunately don't have photos of the exhibits (I don't feel comfortable posting other artists' work without permission), but maybe someone else has posted them on Facebook already?

Today is the last day, but no additional festivities are planned, alas - two more seminars, the closing, and then saying our goodbyes for another two years. I'm already looking forward to CW 2016!