Hi, I am a beginner weaver and have just purchased a beautiful 4 harness Dorset loom( precursor of the  wolf looms). I am looking for suggestions on how to make a raddle and lease sticks to go with it. It has a 26 inch weaving width. Thanks.



Booklet by Joan Koster, how to's, tools, terminology etc., has been much help to me, new weaver also. Go to www.cd3wd.com/handloom. Hope this helps. teerieO


My raddle is made of a piece of 1x2 hardwood, 4' long. It has screw eyes every 1/2 inch.   I secure the sections of warp in the raddle with a 1/4" dowel that I slide along through the eyes.  It works very well and was easy to make.  Hint - use a screwdriver to turn screw eyes.  If you have a lot of screw eyes to turn, put an allen wrench in a drill chuck.


I recently purchased a Dorset, probably dating from the 70's,  It is a really sweet thing.  I am looking for a manual or guidance in removing frames to adjust the number of heddles or deal with crossed heddles etc.


Many people who buy old looms look for manuals on how to use them.  Unless the loom has distinct and unusual operations (Like AVL), the manual, if there ever was one, only showed assembly.  They all work about the same, and warping, threading, sleying and weaving doesn't vary that much.   A good basic weaving instruction book will help.  You should be able to lift the frames out; you may have to disconnect them from the treadles.  As for crossed heddles, the best way to fix that is not to cross in the first place.  Use wire, pipe cleaners or something to hold the heddles in place off the loom.  The only way to uncross them without taking all the heddles off is to cut one off.