Failure to Launch

Flying failure  






If you are workshop bound, expecting to arrive at your destination 18 hours before the start of class, beware Mercury in retrograde, as it messes with schedules and communication.  I found this out when I missed my 9AM flight to Minneapolis, and discovered that the only remaining flight was at 9PM, arriving at midnight, workshop beginning at 9 the following morning.  Instead of warping in the privacy and luxury of my hotel room, I warped and threaded my loom at the International Terminal of JFK airport.  Curse you, Mercury!!  Fail.


Posted on Wed, 08/22/2012 - 15:09

Didn't the same thing happen a week earlier in Long Beach, California to you for Convergence? Your delayed flight ended up arriving at 3 in the morning? (Same airline out of JFK?) Can Mercury be in retrograde for several weeks at a time?

I am pretty sure some other traveler has given you the "black spot" of travel woes. It eventually wears off, especially if you don't travel for a while. A good remedy is to stay home and weave. (I highly recommend it! ;-)

Posted on Thu, 08/23/2012 - 04:11

Hi Sally, yes it was a repeat of my travel to Convergence!  Taking the 9PM flight to Minneapolis, I should have arrived at midnight,  but the arriving plane was late, so I didnt get in until 3AM.  Returning from Minneapolis, the plany had hydraulic problems, the repairs caused me to miss my connecting flight, so the airline put me in a hotel overnight and I got back to work at 5PM on Monday, had to stay late at work every night to make up the lost time.  It did make me wonder if those who travel frquently for work cope with these delays and cancellations daily.  I've been advised by astrology friends that Mercury goes retrograde for a month at a time, plus a few days more at either end of when it begins and ends "officially".   No travel plans until October train ride to weaving workshop at Jockey Hollow!!  I think I can manage that one no matter what Mercury might have up its sleeve!


Posted on Thu, 08/23/2012 - 04:19

Hi Kerstin, While threading my loom in JFK, a bunch of hardhats sat at the table next to me for their midmorning coffee. One of the workers asked if "that machine is for knitting"  To my surprise, his friend answered for me, correctly, with malaprops. "Nah, she's looming.  You can loom scarves with that."  "You dont say!" his friend responded.  Yep.  You don't say.   : )