Newbie question from someone who has only wover simple tabby thus far. I'd like to make houndstooth kitchen towels with my freshly repaired 22" 4S/4H Dorset. How should I go about setting up the following tie-up? Harness 1: 1 & 2 Harness 1: 2 & 4 Harness 1: 1 & 3 Harness 1: 3 & 4 Thank you for your help!!!


sequel (not verified)

If you have a 4 shaft (which means 4 harness) loom with 4 treadles, then you will not be able to tie more than one shaft to each treadle.  You'll need to use two feet to lift the appropriate shafts together.

You will need 6 treadles and lamms (intermediate levers between the treadles and the shafts) for a multiple tie-up, i.e. more than one shaft per treadle


Thank you for the explanation. It sounds like I will have to use both feet to lift shaft 1 & 2 for the first pick, 2 & 4 for the second, 1 & 3 for the third and 3 & 4 for the fourth. Is that right?

Elk Ridge Orch… (not verified)

a dorset is a direct tie up I am doing a pattern right now where I go: 12 14 34 23 34 14 34 23 23 14 12 I just am doing a little dance