I'm really fond of using twisted fringe on my weavings. I think they give a nice touch.

For the most part I use my own handspun yarn, so I like to get as much of it into a project as I can. Sometimes means that the fringe is as long as it is straight from the loom instead of having any loom waste.

A recent shawl was made from some mill spun hand dyed, and the twisted fringe looks so beautiful. When I do my fringes, I tend to use a small knot at the top to anchor it before making the twist.

The most recent weaving I chose not to use the knot:

I can't decide which look I prefer. They both have their place in the final finishing. Any thoughts, knot or not?



I often make 2 knots, one for each half of the fringe.

Dave (not verified)

Hmmm, I hadn't considered that. That's another nice option.

Ellen (not verified)

A long time back I posted a thread about picking every other end for each of the two bundles before tying the knot. I thought that made the fringe sit very close and very balanced against the fell line.

Dave (not verified)

That's also interesting. And I really like the weave structure that you have there, too.

I prefer using knots over un-knotted because I feel that it helps to anchor the weft.

Ellen (not verified)

That's why I always use a knot. But I might consider trying out the two-knots method, that looks nice as well.

suzyhok (not verified)

Hmmm... interesting discussion.  I love twisted fringes and my fingers can now do them really quickly and its a great in front of the TV thing to do!  I don't tie a firm knot before starting the twist... but I do tie them together once... not knotted...which helps the twist lie up close to the weaving. Unfortunately, I don't have a photo... 

... Just another idea...

Happy Holidays!




Ellen, now that I look closely at your fringes - what type of knot do you use at the top? It looks to me as if it were a square knot?

(I only use overhand knots - perhaps it would be interesting to try other types too...)

Ellen (not verified)

Hi Kerstin,

I have this problem that I do not really know the names for knots in English. What I do is the first half of tying a solid sort of knot "råbåndsknob" in Danish. Is that any help?

I like your technique with the two little elegant knots, one for each bunch, I'll try doing that next time.


Thanks, Ellen - råbandsknop (Swe) is what I thought it was. (According to Wikipedia it can be called Reef knot, Square knot, Hercules knot... and I *think* it differs with various types of English, too.)

I would have thought using only half the knot would make it too... flimsy? unstable?, will have to try it!


Ellen (not verified)

And have a lovely Christmas!

Dave (not verified)

When I make the single knot (overhand knot?), I also use a T-pin to help move it into place. I do this all on a gridded cutting mat so I can keep things lined up.

Ellen (not verified)

I have used that method when I have made fringes without twisting them. Also found it a very efficient way to get the knot to sit tight, as you said.