I love to tinker, I have been researching Kay's flying shuttle design and others from that period.  I have settled on a format that I think might be easily constructed for a double flybox.  I just have to adjust some of the dimensions and build a prototype.  My question is, has anyone else done this successfully?  Single boxes are easy - I want the big guns!  I have some really nice solid pickers so they are my foundation to build around.  Part of the design issue is creating the two boxes so they float up and down whilst allowing entry of the picker mechanism.  I look forward to hearing from anyone out there who has attempted this.






jlread (not verified)

Hi Dawn....a while back I sent a mail off to Tom B. from LeClerc concerning why they didn't manufacture a double box any longer...He said there were too many problems with them....If you get one made....great...I would like to do a fly shuttle for my AVL...any ideas??    Judy

Dawn McCarthy

Single fly boxes shouldnt be too difficult, except you need to route a groove for the "leather picker" piece.

Double boxes need the two boxes to be well aligned. I figure if they got it right in the early 1800's - it might be do-able.  I didnt know Leclerc ever made double boxes?


Ill keep ya posted.