My grandson made me a 4' tri-loom a couple of weeks ago. It was basically a test model to see whether I would enjoy tri-loom weaving or not ... Answer? Definitely! I love it. I'm now wanting to build a 7-ft tri-loom and wondered if anyone else here had done so? If you did, do you have any suggestions/ideas on the building? Rather than bothering my grandson (again?), I would like to attempt the building myself. My current tri-loom is made of wood moulding and works really well. I would like to keep the larger toom fairly light weight and easy to transport? I am not great at figuring angles, however, and wonder if I can simply leave the ends blunt on the angles? Also, would it be better to use some sort of wing nut type screws to be able to take the loom apart easily? And is it possible to cut the 7-foot top rail into 2 pieces and then put it back together easily? Latter is to make transport easier? Thanks so much for any advice/suggestions you might have. God bless. MerryMac


Caroline (not verified)

hi, I built a 2 metre one, just a bit smaller than 7 foot. I can take mine to pieces as we used bolts to hold it together. The instructions for making one are on my website, and if you want, I can take photos of the joints, with their bolts.

I did find one error, once I had drilled all the holes - I should have made the nails on each side an odd number, instead of an even number, grrrrrr! It is possible to compensate for it, but is better starting off right. I also made mine of Meranti moulding, as its reasonably lightweight, and its still heavy! I store it on my curtain rail in one piece - taking it to bits would be easy enough, its getting it back together that could be fun! It was also made on the kitchen floor, as I did not have a shed or a work bench, and nor did I need to have any woodworking skills.

PM me if you want any more info.


merrymac (not verified)

Caroline, thanks so much for the info. I have looked at your web site (really a neat one, by the way) and have copied down your instructions. Your diagram was very informative as well as your written instructions. :) ... My sister is on her way over and I plan to show her your site and the instructions. (She's wanting a tri-loom.) After that, I believe we may well head towards the local store to see what we can do? Will keep you informed of our progress. :) Thanks again and God bless. MerryMac