After one person dropped out, I volunteered to take her place in the Jockey Hollow Weavers Placemat Exchange, June 2009 was the date.   I was thrilled to obtain a copy of the rare publication, "Keep Me Warm One NIght" a collection of coverelt drafts, many are overshot.  I spent hours inspecting the drafts, I wanted to choose one with a border on all 4 sides and a fairly simple center.  I finally selected a draft and threaded my loom.  I had woven overshot before in class at FIT, so I felt confident that the most difficult part of the project- designing and threading- was over.  This is where the trouble began. 

Not only did my weaving not look like the draft, it didn't even look like overshot!   I couldnt' figure out whether I was weaving the pattern upside down or not, and my weaving guru tried her best to help me via email, as I sent her photo after photo, taken from the top of the loom and underneath.  She questioned why my draft was threaded on 3 harnesses only- I was sure I had done it correctly.  I had managed to choose the only threading in the known history of overshot that was threaded on 3 harnesses! 

And then there was the problem of the 8" long floats. Part 2 to follow   XO Gail & Fog


claudia (not verified)

 I just tried overshot on a 4 harness loom and the threading draft I used was wrong and nothing looked like overshot until I went back and found the mistake.  I switched my treadling and now have something that looks more like waffle weave.

Pictures to follow.

Claudia, who, despite Weaver's book, does not think overshot is hot!

Alison (not verified)

 And where is part 2???  I want to see what comes next!

lkautio (not verified)

Overshot is not one of my favorites, either, but you can learn a tremendous amount about design from it.  You can do some fun things on 3 shafts with overshot, though it will look a little different from 4S overshot. 

I tried to find the draft, but didn't see it.  What page is it on?  I'm guessing there was a tie-up error, or a treadling error related to the 3 shafts.  An incorrect or missing (I'm not seeing it, but it might be my eyesight) tabby or single wrong pattern shed could create the long floats.

Laurie Autio

claudia (not verified)

While reading the Overshot is Hot book I was thinking overshot might be doable on 3shafts.  I'd love to try it with 2 heddles on the rigid heddle loom.

Off to to plan my next rh sample--it's overshot or drop.