I recently deleted an email on my gmail account which resulted in the deletion of my Blogspot blog.  Fortunately I had saved a copy but many photos did not load properly and I have issues with the sprawling entanglement of Gmail & Blogger.

I started a new blog address at bloominloom.blogspot.com and also revamped my old Wordpress at bloominloom.wordpress.com

Question: both have pros & cons, what are your thoughts, preferences and why?







Wow - that's some glitch!  I've not had any problems with blogspot but maybe that's because I don't do anything adventurous?  :)



Cat Brysch

on Blogspot.  I tried wordpress first, but could not get anything going... it was like it was frozen somehow.  My account now just sits on wordpress because I have not been able to close it out, either!  Blogspot has been wonderful for me and has been a complete joy to work with. My blog is at


Dawn McCarthy

Blogspot is definitely user friendly and it is easy to add features and tools.  I particularly like the multi picture load feature.

Wordpress is a little more technical (which I also like) but many features using code are difficult to add.  I am still undecided!



bolivian warmi

It took me a while to figure out how to get some things on Wordpress set up  but now I am used to their system. Perhaps I don't do anything terribly adventurous with it but one thing which is important is that their HELP staff is quick to respond.


tien (not verified)

I use Wordpress.  It's much more flexible and if you do your own Wordpress setup, you can customize the site (as I did with mine).  For most things, you don't actually have to do any PHP coding - just look up the appropriate plugin, install it, do a little configuration and you're good to go!

I used to use Blogger, but I found Wordpress to be much more powerful, and am glad I switched.  Plus, I'm now hosting my own blog on my own site, so I don't have to worry that someone else is going to delete my data (by accident or otherwise!).

Dawn McCarthy

Thanks Tien, I was able to do I little customizing but to have more control Wordpress requires a paid upgrade of approximately $30 or even more for a more advanced template.  I wasn't sure if those fees were worth it.

I wanted to add a language translate to wordpress but it seems I need to commit some time to setting that up and exploring different plug ins.

Any advice Tien?


Anja (not verified)

There is a way to use the google-translator without using javascript or changing the template: you could use a HTML-Widget and embed a link like "<a href="http://translate.google.com/translate?hp&amp;hl=en&amp;u=http://faserig.wordpress.com?sl=auto&amp;tl=de" title="German">Deutsch</a>". That's just a work-around, translating only the starting page of your blog, but maybe it's better than nothing.


Penn (not verified)

I like the style of the Wordpress blog much better.  For one, the proportion of the fonts for the copy vs heds is better.  I think the white space is more effective in WordPress; the bold that's used in much of BlogSpot is--to my eyes--loud, although perhaps that was a formatting error, because some posts are in normal weight.  Maybe I was put off by the Blogspot header image, which just feels too big and dark; the typeface of the blog name feels too big and heavy, and the itals create a sense of momentum that feels odd--or maybe it's the fact that it's appearing above a piece of weaving run at an angle into the distance.  A sense of being askew.  If I were to sum it up, the Blogspot page feels a bit hyper and tense, and I'm inclined to leave instead of reading; the Wordpress feels calming and engaging, and enjoyable to read.

But take my feedback with a big grain of salt.  I'm old and tired, and things are visual blare to me that are just fine for others.  Also, I may be giving disproportionate weight to the soothing quality of those wonderful blue-greens in the Wordpress header image.

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