euglossa (not verified)

My tablet is getting on and I'm starting to think about a replacement.

when I think about what I'd like, I'd love to be able to advance my liftplan highlight with a foot pedal, rather than reach over and touch the screen. 

Would that work?  Does anyone have an specific brand/model numbers that would be compatible? (both tablet and foot controller)  I'm hoping for a pretty cheap tablet, as I really only use it for wif'nproof. 

I'd be happy with kindle fire, price wise, but I doubt it would have a foot controller option.

Also, anyone have a good ideas to attach/hang a tablet about eye level for a table loom?  I keep mine on the table to one side and it's causing neck pain to turn and look down every pick or two.  I'd use a music stand, but there isn't room beside my table looms for one and at that height it gets too wobbly for the weight of the tablet.

Helen S

I will have to research this as a possible addition to WIF 'n Proof.  Do you have any information you can share about foot controllers in general?




Supposedly ....depending on your phone/computer/tablet the program should respond to voice commands. I saw info on this in another forum, maybe Facebook, for Iweaveit! and the Ipad. I couldn't make a go of it but it could have been my Ipad software version. Anyway ... something to think about. 


I've got "PageFlip Firefly", which is a very professional foot controller for musicians. It works via bluetooth with my ipad and my macbook - but not with wif'n Proof. There are 5 options: Pg Up / Pg Dn; ⬅️➡️; ⬆️⬇️; mouse left / right; space / enter.


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