WIF 'n Proof has again been updated with a simplified interface and a new look.  A few buttons have been removed and the program flow has been improved.

The Home Screen 'Continue' button has been removed.  When you select either the 'Select a Draft' or the 'Design Center' button, WIF 'n Proof will ask if you wish to continue a previous session or begin a new one.

Likewise in the Design Center, the 'Edit' buttons have been removed.  You will always be given the choice to edit an existing threading or treadling chart or to begin again.

The free WIF ’n Proof ‘Cloud’ Service has also received an update.  The service no longer uses 'copy and paste' to transfer WIF files to or from your computer.   You may now select a file in Finder (on the Mac) or Windows Explorer (on the PC) to send directly to your 'Cloud' account.  Then open it on your device from your 'Cloud' account.  Likewise you may send a draft from your device to your 'Cloud' account and then save it to your 'downloads' folder on your computer as a WIF file.   Try the new 'Cloud' service at www.WIFnProof.com/Cloud.  

A new User's Guide covering all the new features is on the website.  You can download it at http://sandozsoftware.com/WnP/Files/WIFnProof_User_Guide.pdf   I have also created a new Guide for the Demo apps.  Download it at http://sandozsoftware.com/WnP/Files/Demo_Guide.pdf



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Erica J

Thank you for providing this great app. I often get ideas on the train and I love being able to draft on the go withou needing to have graph paper on me or losing the draft while out and about.

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