Good Morning,

I am interested in how many of our members are interested in a Weave A Long? If you are, please comment here, feel free to throw out some suggestions!



I've never participated in one and I'd love to do one now.  I have no suggestions for what to weave but will say that I have a 4 shaft 22" floor loom and a couple rigid heddle looms so am limited to what width I can weave and that I do not know how to weave double width.



Awesome! Thank you for your interest, I will start having a think about what we might Weave A Long!! :)


Desert Dreamer, let's talk more about a Weave A Long. Tell me more about yourself and where you're at in your weaving! :)


I've been weaving for maybe 8 years but I've not really gotten very far past upper beginner maybe.  Athough I have woven a couple things in different weave structures, mostly I make scarves and wraps in plain weave. My husband and I have been remodeling my daughters house for over 6 months and I've not touched a loom in that time.  Before that it had been just a hit and miss opportunity but I have no reason not to sit and weave, just no good motivation.  That's part of what I hope a weave along will help with, motivation.

My niece is getting married in July and I want to weave her a set of 4 tea towels and would like to make them using waffle weave.  I bought 2 8oz cones of 8/2 unmerc cotton about 2 months ago and they are still sitting on my desk because I just don't want to mess up so I've been putting off even trying to find a draft for just plain waffle weave so I can get started.  Currently I'm using a 22" 4h Leclerc floor loom.

I know that's probably a simple weave for you but it's something I'd like to try.

Does that help?





Ohh waffle weave towels are on my weaving wish list. I wove samples once, but can't remember the draft off the top of my head. I will have a look back at my notes, so I can properly say when I might be able to slot a waffle weave WAL into my weaving schedule!


Any book of 4 shaft patterns will have basic drafts for waffle weave.  If you have such difficulty motivating yourself to weave, are you sure you really want to do this?  Most people who weave do it because they find it an enjoyable, satisfying activity.   If this isn't the case for you, perhaps you would be happier doing something else.  People often do things they think they ought to enjoy but don't really.

Waffle weave will shrink greatly when you take it off the loom and when you wash it.  You want to make your towels a LOT larger than you think.



Thanks, big white sofa dog. I know a lot of people find motivation in accountability and weave a longs somewhat create that accountability. I know many people who find that creating as part of a community is much more motivating than an environment that feels like they are alone!


Big White Sofa Dog, what Erica said sums it up about perfect.

edit: And thanks for the advice about the shrinkage of the waffle weave pattern.  I wish I knew how to do double weave double width and I'd make them about 1/2x larger so they'd shrink to the proper size.  Since these will be a gift I might should stick with plain weave and hope for the best when they are washed.


Good morning, I would love to participate in a weave along.  I am located in Canada, if the project is smallish it would not be very much to ship.  Tea towel?  Hand towel?

Please let me know if my location is a problem.




This is great! How do you feel about the waffle weave idea? I think so far we're looking at maybe weaving waffle weave towels. :)

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