Hi, I'm new to the Handspun Handwoven Group. Lately I switched to using my handspun instead of commercial yarn, and finding there are some unique challenges. One of them is sticky warp threads. I have a singles-spun Romney blanket in progress on a 4H Leclerc, set up in a broken twill pattern, and the warp sticks badly on every shed. I didn't use sizing on it before warping. Ok, next time. I had washed the singles for dyeing too and changed my mind. Total recipe for fuzzy warp! But I did discover that changing my tie-up from multiple harnesses on lamms to direct tie-up frees each harness's threads to move freely past the others, and nothing sticks any more. The beater is probably wearing my warp threads somewhat, but I can work in real time rhythm now and the end knots are in sight. I also switched mid-project to using a big ski-type shuttle instead of a boat shuttle, ensuring a clean weft shot. Anyone else have similar experience with direct tie-up? I want to use it for all handspun wool projects now.

 Romney singles wool blanket



Sara von Tresckow

Using spray starch on the exposed warp, letting it dry and weaving until unsized warp is there is probably the only other thing to try. Spraying the warp will protect it from fuzzing and make it lift more easily.

Laundry starch rinses out easily after weaving and won't damage your warp yarn.

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