Hi, I´m new to this forum.

I´m really glad that I have found it. I´m from Germany and have a big interest in using unsusuall weaving materials ( sticks, Paperyarn, Horsehair, straw, felted strings, shifu).  I know of two books, wich may also be interesting for you:

There is one book exspecially about weaving with scandinavian paperyarn ( including weaving with lavender, or with sticks and paper)

and the other book is my bible about paper weaving and shifu in general.

The author sxplains step by step the process of making shifu. I did it and it was big fun! I found a pdf  ( look at page 17)with some text excerpts of the paper book :


 Do you have any other book resources?




Caroline (not verified)

hi Kristina, How I wish i had studied German at school! Is that paper spinning in the book? Its something I want to try, when I have time. normally when I read instructions on how to do it the strips of paper are usually cut quite thick, but the photos in the book showed very fine cuts - was this so that several strands could be spun at once? My translation programs do not handle pdf files, grrrr!

Kristina (not verified)

 Hi Caroline,

I have done many time before, the experience that weaving books are mostly international in understanding. It is getting hard, if you have to handle with special weaving terms you will not find in dictionaries, but the pictures are often enough to get an idea. I have big problems with finnish and norwegian language - sometimes I do google picture with one special word and this helps me thru. This wonderfull Paper book of Christina Leitner is showing with pictures step by step the making of shifu yarn at home by herself . She shows how you have to fould and cut the paper and the spinning on your spinning wheel. I did it with my Ashford Joy . It was a great experience and I`m planning to make a shifu scarf on Rigid heddle( when my snake band is finished). In this paper book are a lot of instructions of other weavings with paper, some very easy and other advanced. Inspired of that I did a little basked 


Maybe you can manage translation of pdf with the text- tool "copy" and than put it into google translation.


Caroline (not verified)

That was how I was going to try to do it, :-), and hope it worked out. sometimes the translations are very strange!  I have seen a few blogs about shifu, and there is another weaver on here, from Belgium I think, who has spun paper and then made fabric with it, so I am keen to try it out. I have downloaded the pdf file and will try and get it translated.

dteaj (not verified)

Wow, that's very lovely. Thanks for listing the books up above also.

I've just posted my paper coasters project. It's my first try at this. I just took a class on shifu and will post the information on the references she gave us soon.


I wonder if  it would be a good idea to start a translation group on Weavolution, where people who need translations can find people who know the languages.  Google doesn't always know all the oddball textile terms......


This is great-- I'm so happy to see people experimenting. It's always frustrating to me that I can't get those wonderful scandinavian paper yarns in the US..

Kristina beat me to it (yay) and started a translation group--  I think this will be a wonderful way to share internationally!



Little Meadows (not verified)

Is this translation group just for individual translating?  I'm trying to figure out how to read the wonderful sites people here post about ...is it possible to & how does one translate an entire website?  Thanks  Liese

dteaj (not verified)

Google has a translation tool at  www.google.com/language_tools . There is also a way to set Google's options to request that a whole page be translated.

The issue is that many times Google does not translate textile related vocabulary (amongst other things) correctly.


Little Meadows (not verified)

Thanks for that link, I'm going to try it out and see if even inspite of glitches on textile terms I can learn more from these wonderful sites.  Liese