Surface Design & Rug Weaving with Su Butler at WGM

The Weavers Guild of Minnesota is pleased to have accomplished textile artist Su Butler come to the guild to lead two workshops in September, “Surface Design for Handweavers” and “Rug Weaving – Taquete, Samitum, and More!” Her knowledge and experience in various forms of art, like painting and weaving, brings a unique perspective to the world of weaving – weavers will truly enjoy learning new techniques and approaches from Su.

Like most weavers, Su harnesses the strengths from both the left and right sides of the brain. The left, logical, part of her brain enjoys the process of creating something: “I like to know how things work so I can make them work the way I desire”. In addition, Su’s favorite loom is a computerized loom, so she “is not limited in pattern.”  The right side of the brain is creative and imaginative, and Su likes to convey her observations of nature as feelings and reactions, rather than tangible images. She also experiments with materials and techniques to create just the effects she wants.

Su has been teaching topics from both sides of the brain for many years to guilds and weaving conferences across the country. Our WGM instructors could identify with Su’s love for teaching – she enjoys helping students “find those “aha!” moments that are so satisfying and rewarding.” She likes to help others see their work from a different point of view. The talents of Su are impactful – WGM Member Linda Madden said “I [want] to encourage people to look at the two workshops coming to the Guild in September with Su Butler. I have known Su for years as the leader of the Complex Weaver Tied Weave Study Group. She is the most knowledgeable person on Tied Weaves which are included in her rug class. She is an excellent teacher and a delightful person.”

There is still time to register for “Surface Design for Handweavers” and “Rug Weaving – Taquete, Samitum, and More!”, but you will not want to miss getting in your early bird registration by the second week of August. The tuition increases fifteen dollars after August 10! Register online at Find out more about the two workshops from Su:

Surface Design for Handweavers

I hope that students find the methods used to layer design after weaving, or just using those techniques to apply to commercially woven fabrics, exciting. My workshop will provide instruction in color theory and practice, as well as introducing techniques such as silk screening, Devoré, stamp making and use, discharge, shibori, photo transfer and others. It is a means to learn many techniques that can be used before, during and after weaving to create layered fabrics with depth and interest. My hope is that students can learn to approach their work with the purpose to create works with more visual and contextual depth. Students will also be exposed to design and composition information to help them grow as visual artists. Anyone who wishes to embellish and create cloth with layered imagery can take this workshop and gain enough technique to use it to enhance and grow their work. Meets September 10, 11, 12: 10am-4pm

Rug Weaving – Taquete, Samitum, and More!

Taquete and Samitum are two variations of Tied weaves that allow a weft faced surface to exhibit either plain weave or twill structure.  Both are excellent rug weaving techniques, as they allow solid blocks of color to appear on the surface of the cloth, uninterrupted by warp interlacements.  Either weave structure can be used for any kind of cloth desired by changing the yarns used.  Taquete and Samitum were used in ancient China to create fabulously intricate and delicate silk cloth.  Both are versatile and stable weave structures that every weaver should have in their tool box!

We can have the AVL set up to weave a more complex pattern so each participant can weave a sample and see how versatile a compu-dobby can be.  It can be set up to weave either Taquete or Samitum, which also allows us to do some other things with it. Meets Septebmer 14, 15, 16: 10am-4pm