We have signed up to sponsor a team for this year's Spinzilla! I had such a great time spinning during Spinzilla last year, we decided to incorporate Spinzilla into the launch of Halloweave. You won't have to participate in Spinzilla to participating in Halloweave, but we thought these would be nice complimentary activities. We'll post reminders when it gets closer to team sign up, but we hope you will all consider participating in Spinzilla and joining our team!

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spinning in the Tour de Fleece in July - I will have to think bout Spinzilla. . . .


Is there a link page to read about it?

Spinzilla and Halloweave are unknowns to me. I saw previous references to Halloweave, but never could figure it out.

Erica J

Spinzilla is a week long virtual spinning event. You sign up for a team, spin as much as you can the week of Spinzilla then send in your results to your team captain. We will host our team discussions here on Weavolution.

Halloweave is also a virutal event, but weaving! It is in part inspired by Spinzilla. Since weaving takes a bit longer to get set up, etc. Halloweave is the entire month of October, so 4 times the fun! Teams are sponsored by Weavolution members, so the overall goals vary. Daily Weaverliness started as a Halloweave team and the members enjoyed it so much they wanted to stick to their goal of weaving a bit each day throughout the year!

I hope that answers your questions!

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