Post your works in progress, completed projects, inspirations for 2011


SaoriSaltSpring (not verified)

I have started a new weaving this past week with new yarns received for Christmas.  More details are on my project page and on my blog here.

New Beginnings

Happy Weaving,


JuliaT (not verified)

I was on my way to a double heddle RH class at my LYS, but my DH hurt himself, so I rescheduled into another later class that freed up my loom for a few weeks. So, that afternoon I warped with white cotton and stayed in or near the white family for the weft, this is the finished banner. 

P.S. My DH is fine now! Whew!

JuliaT (not verified)

Those are some beautiful yarns and colors, love the sparkles, can't wait to see your artistic touch on it.

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