Well this is my first time on this site so if I make errors please help me along. I have just purchased an 8 harness Bergman loom pictured here. It was pretty dusty so I removed all the old cords and restrung the loom with texsolv. That roll of texsolv is expensive and I was pretty anxious ... hoping I did it correctly. Anyway, I am down to attaching the treadles to the lamms. I have inserted some treadle loops from my schacht loom into the treadles but I am thinking that is not going to work because those loops would be doubled to tie up to the lamms. So, I am guessing I use the little anchor and string a line of texsolv up throught the hole in the treadle. Then when I tie up the treadle to the lamms I can use another anchor to hook the two lines one from the upper lamm and one from the lower lamm to the treadle. Am I on the right track? It is probably obvious that I have never used a countermarch loom..I think I am beginning to understand. Any advice would be appreciated!!




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