Has anybody tried using rayon chenille as pattern weft for summer and winter?


sally orgren

I have woven a lot with chenille when it was popular 10+ years ago. Floats longer than 3 threads proved problematic over time: they might not worm immediately, but did after a few years. The sett has to be far tighter than one would think. Sewing the hems before fringing was also recommended, to stop worming from the fringe into the scarf.

One of my guildmates tried using a secondary thread weft (as recommended in a book) to lock down the chenille, but when wet-finished, the threads did not shrink at the same rate as the rayon chenille, and they protruded significantly from the selvedges. She had to cut & pull the threads out. I assume she used a thread that matched the content of the chenille. At the time, there were a lot of different kinds of rayon chenille available - so sampling with this combination along with sett would be highly recommended.

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