On our travels from Taos down to Albequeque we visited the Espanola Valley Fiber Arts Studio, they had a wonderful grouping of looms for teaching and rental.  We saw a loom that had been modified and raised in height.  Here are some photos, it was quite steady and was a quick and easy fix. More photos of other cleaver solutions another time....Deb Mc


Weaverchick007 (not verified)


I have heard to avoid back strain, but seems like it would be easier to just adjust the bench.

What is the advantage of raising a loom? 

Sara von Tresckow

Sometimes the breast beam height is so low that bench adjustments do not work - especially for tall weavers. In that case, putting the loom up on blocks solves the issues.


some weavers weave standing up and this makes it easy to custom raise the loom up to comfort level for your shoulders....your body will adapt until you hit a "threshold" and then you start to hurt, paying attention to ergonomic issues (whether standing or sitting) avoids problems down the road so you can weave longer!

ps, the loom above comes from a culture that stands up when weaving but raising loom height is a long discussed item among weavers for a variety of reasons...