I did something quite different this time. I spun the entire 4 oz to one bobbin, then wound all the singles to small storage bobbins (weaving bobbins and cardboard tubes from Hand Weavers Studio).  I then made a 2 ply yarn from these singles. Judith Mackenzie says this is the way she always plies yarn, however as I fairly exclusively work with hand-dyed yarns I have not used this technique before. I decided to do it with this braid because the colour repeats were fairly short and as there is silk there were multiple colors on the same staple. Therefore keeping the colors clear was not going to be possible. I love the depth that this technique has created in the yarn.



There are many places where the same color is plied on itself, so you get a depth of solid colours and combinations of colors!

Single Spin Direction
S Spun
Ply Direction
warps per cm
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