Oh I'm just so excited!  My article showed up in today's Weavezine. It's about weaving with wire.  Check it out at http://www.weavezine.com/content/wired-weaving-wire-rigid-heddle-loom




WeekendWeaver (not verified)

It was very interesting. The lacy effect of the wire cloth is very striking. 

Are you planning on doing demonstration for the Austin Guild? 


Robweaves (not verified)

Thanks Ingamarie -- I was looking for this type of info!  Think I will try something similar with my own Emilia. 


Well, given that I'm the program chair.. um.....


Hi Ingamarie & group!  Congratulations on your Weavezine article!!  This group caught my eye because of the title- Recently i was asked to weave "straw"  I asssume that the person wanted raffia, I found some at the basketweaving supply co. HH Perkins.  Does anyone else have additional resources for raffia?

May thanks, Gail & Fog


HI Gail & Fog! we meet again!!

You might want to check, they may have actually meant straw-- there's a long history of weaving with straw in scandinavia, even for rugs. I've done a little of it. Here's a picture.

weaving with straw

dteaj (not verified)

Earth Guild should have some.

dteaj (not verified)

Congratulations, Marie! Beautiful work.

What do you mean by direct peg warping? Is it something particular to rigid heddle?


Yea, it's a way to warp a rigid heddle loom-- you put a peg on a chair some distance from the loom, and then pull the warp from the warp beam stick through the heddle, around the peg, back through the heddle, around the warp stick, etc.  I'll get a link and attach it to the article.