medieval trim / braids

I’m looking for a source of information on medieval trims -- particularly 16th c. Russia, but I don’t know that I’ll find anything that specific. I already have *Ecclesiastical Pomp and Aristocratic Circumstance* but it doesn’t cover quite the type of braid that I’m looking for right now. Any suggestions would be gratefully welcomed.  It would be great if it discussed the actual weaving of the trim but even just an overview and illustrations would be very helpful.



Hmm that is an interesting request. I'll have to troll through my tablet weaving books to see if I can find anything. 16th C is much later than I normally research.




outside the medieval period and towards the end of the renaissance - even in Russia. My specialty area is 16 - 17 century early modern England, however, what an interesting topic to be researching - I'll have to dig into some of my textile resources and see if I can find anything that might help. I find Russia fascinating. . . . Tina

a site that might help with on-line resources it has hundreds of links to various sites dealing with textiles, costumes, etc. if you scroll down they also have some source for tablet weaving - don't know if they have anything Russian but I did find some links to Eastern European textile sites so. . . You always seem to be working on such interesting projects!

I remember seeing what you want in the Moscow museums, specifically at the Kremlin.  If the period you seek is the "Time of Troubles" between Ivan the Terrible and Peter the Great, which I think it is, you should also try Stockholm (Armoury) and Polish museums, as they perserved many things captured in battle with Russia from that time period.  This period is too early for St Petersburg historically.  You might also try Novgorod.

If you go to research this in person, letters of introduction and pre-visit contact with the appropriate persons will save wasted days, at least in Moscow.  Museum lines for the general public are even worse than their traffic!

Interestingly enough, I've found great Czech costume sources on line, but not Russian.  Maybe that's what I get for being half Czech.


On Ravelry, there are 7 groups from Russia, at least 2 from Moscow.  You might try contacting them for sources.

They might be able to get pictures of artifacts & paintings, although typically they don't like it if you take pictures in museums so a catalog might have to suffice if you can't do the trip.  Because of its war with Russia in this period, you might try Swedish sources as well.  I would start with the Kremlin's textile collection, though.

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