I thought it would be nice if we all introduce ourselves and help welcome new members as they join!

Happy Weaving




Hi all

I've been weaving for about 8 years on a variety of pre-owned looms that I restored.  As a new weaver I've been flitting around from one structure to the next and am looking forward to working with this group.


Erica J

I have been weaving for over a decade. I own more looms than I normally care to count. Glimakra looms are my favourite floor looms.  I focused much of my beginning weaving time on twils, as one of my other hobbies is a medieval re-enactment. As I studied the more complex medieval textiles, I needed to learn more complex weaving technique and started this group!

I have worked through much of the book and these techniques already, but I look forward to working through them again with a new group of people!

Erica J

Welcome LInda,

I was just like you when I seriously started studying this book and working my way through the weave structures we will study here! I look forward to being part of your journey and answering as many of your questions as I can. :)