Apple released iOS 6 yesterday.  It has some important differences in how data is stored. For WIF 'n Proof users, it will appear that all data is lost. Read this to understand why and learn a workaround.

The Good News:

Prior to iOS 6, Web Apps stored all data in the Safari cache.  In iOS 6, Web Apps (i.e. apps run within the Safari browser rather than apps started by a home screen icon) and Home Screen Apps (apps started by a home screen icon) are now separate.  Home Screen Apps now act as if they were native apps and data loss will only happen if the device is reset. Web Apps, on the other hand,  will still store data in the browser cache.

WIF 'n Proof is a Home Screen App and will therefore no longer be subject to data loss by a simple clearing of the browser cache.

The Bad News;

Currently in iOS 5, WIF 'n Proof data storage is in the Safari browser cache.  When you upgrade to iOS 6, this data will be lost and WIF 'n Proof will not retain your registration information.

The news, however, is not all bad.  If you backup your registration and your database to the free WIF 'n Proof 'Cloud' Service, you will, after updating to iOS 6, be able to recover your data from within the WIF 'n Proof application.

If you have not yet applied for a WIF 'n Proof 'Cloud' Service account, please do so before upgrading to iOS 6.

Please Note:  I will not be able to upgrade to iOS 6 until tomorrow to test the upgrade process.  If I find the information I have posted above is incorrect, I will add to this posting.  Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

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Sara von Tresckow

And iPad 1 users will need to remain on ios5.

Does this mean that we need to continue as in the past with the cloud and re-registration?

Helen S

iOS 5 will probably continue to have problems with data loss.  Apple is unlikely to post any further updates for iOS 5.  But I will continue to maintain the WIF 'n Proof 'Cloud' Service, so recovering from data loss will still be fast and easy.

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