I know I have not even scratched the surface of fiber suppliers. I have learned about many of my favorites from listening to Podcasts. I thought I would start a thread so we can all share our favorite suppliers with each other!

My absolute favorite indie dyer dyes a lot of fleece. That would be Bee Mice Elf


My favorite for undyed fleece, in the UK are Handweavers Studio and Scottish Fibres.

Undyed fleece in the US would be Pacific Wool and Fiber.

Share your favorites!



Fleece and prepared fiber:  Woolery, Paradise Fibers

Fleece: Spinning Loft, plus local sheep and alpaca farms 

Indie Dyer: Greenwood Fiberworks

About half of what I spin is directly off the animal, frequently animals I have met 




I like The Woolery, Georgia Yarn and Yarn Barn of Kansas for cotton.  I like the Earth Guild's Dragon Tale Yarns for wonderful variegated 8/2   cotton that makes lovely waffle weave towels.  Barnswallow is a favorite.  


I've only gotten yarn, not spinning fiber, from Georgia Yarn.  They're the first place I look for yarn, though.  Typically I don't buy yarn except some of my warp, though.  I also go to Webs (Yarn.com) when the other sources don't have what I want.


most of the fleece I've gotten has been from my LYS Fiber Arts at Homestead Heritage.  Mostly I have been spinning from prepared top. Fiber Arts offers  hand dyed top from a local artist. I also buy a lot from the Spinner's Cottage. I have been finding some nice fiber Eetsy shops and am looking to start buying more locks to comb myself. And have been tossing around the idea of getting a whole fleece to process. Hopefully I will get some good ideas for sources on here.

Oh, for Alpaca roving and cloud I have used Sage Ridge Mill & Critters.

Erica J

I knew this thread was going to be dangerous!

I am currently spinning some Falkland from Hand Weaver's Studio, London. It is amazing! This is my first Falkland, so I have no idea if it is always this fabulou, or if their fleece is particularly well sourced! :)


some Falkland I got from Spinner's Cottage . It was pretty yummy!


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