I have always heard of doubleweave hems but had not yet seen one.  I had been keeping an eye open for a written explanation but had not yet found one.  At the Complex Weaver's Seminar a very tall elegant woman had a beautiful scarf on that swayed beautifully.  I apologize that I did not catch her name.  The finish was a very simple hem that was stitched doubleweave.  FINALLY, at the same conference I bought Jennifer Moore's Doubleweave book.  In the paperback edition on page 73, 3rd paragraph.  In short, it is planning your scarf so that it begins and ends in a short tube.  You turn that tube into the scarf and hem and press it.  It is so simple and takes advantage of the structure nicely.  Once I master doubleweave it will be on my list to try!

IF anyone has a photo to share with others it would be wonderful.  If anyone has other articles to recommend on this finish that would be great also.

PS, please don't ask for a copy of the book page, I am respecting the author's copyright by not posting it.   


BonnieI (not verified)

Deb, I posted a photo and some text about doubleweave hems some months ago on Weavo. I think it is in the Weaving forum.

I use this finish for scarves woven in several structures. It works best when there are enough epi to make two non-flimsy layers of plain weave, and of course your threading needs to be one that allows two layers of plain weave. The two layers are generally joined at the sides. After removing from the loom, I sew the ends of each layer, keeping them separate, using a serger or sewing machine. Those stitched ends are then folded inward and I hand sew the two layers together along the bottom. A short piece does not work nicely; you need some length to finish the edges and turn them in and still have a nice finish.

Pat Stewart was at CW with elegant scarves and she's tall.