I have a lady looking for a "25 pin Female to Female parallel printer cable for her weaverbird? Can any one show me this cable I think she may have the part name wrong?
She tells me this is the cable that goes from the Weavebird to the box?





Restless Knitter (not verified)

I just purchased a new Weavebird last fall.  The new ones are shipping with 25 pin male to male.  I looked at the instructions for the older Weavebirds and those were male to male also (tho the parts list at the beginning says female to female, so this may have caused her confusion?).  I can take a picture after work if you want but basically, each end of the cable has 25 pins, not 25 holes.

ETA: It looks just like the one here http://www.sfcable.com/10D3-01103.html?c=db25-rs232-cables