Here is the November reninder for the color challenge.  I was sorting through some yarns last night and saw my color challenge yarns sitting right where I left them.  I still have not decided on the structure.   I think I have changed my mind 3 times now.  I have 2 or 3 things I really want to finish up, then I am going to devote some serious time and energy to this.


So where is everyone else on their challenge?   Anyone weaving yet?




I still have not gotten the right yarns...  but I was told that its possible to mail a yarn retailer a color card and they will help by doing the matching.  I seem to have taken up residence in Procrastination House, with my slow rate of progress.


I am resigned to the fact that nothing is going to happen until after the holidays.


It was supposed to be a friendly reminder, not cause distress!   In another post something was said about needing a notice, so when I saw my yarn just sitting on the shelf, I thought I would nudge.

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I have the color challenge yarns and no idea what I will make with them. I think about doing very complex --read time consuming-- projects only to reduce scope and goals when I get around to it because deadline is in sight.    Sound familiar anyone?


and eight months should be enough time (ha ha - famous last words).

Erica J

Thank you for the count down reminder. I wonder if I can set up a thread with a count down timer? Would that be helpful or stressful?! :)


Right now, I like the shocker of just barely forgetting about it - its like the work emails about things for which I've been procrastinating.  The big shocks elicit action much more than the small daily nudges.  But that is just me.  Maybe when we are 3 months away we need a countdown?

And I'm now excited to go see if the Dijon-colored yarn matches my card.  When it came in, I had forgotten that I had selected it because of the color challenge.


For me a monthly thread should do the trick.  I actually posted this thread in the Color Challenge group, but here it shows in Daily Weaverilness - kind of strange.  It seems that this thread was a bit of a shocker, that is kind of funny.  Should this thread be connected some way to the House of Procrastination?   LOL

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