Eek!  Only 6 months left and my yarns are still sitting on my shelf.

I have a good reason for procrastinating for a little bit.  There are twins coming in the spring in my family and I finally have a reason to make baby blankets!  The shower is at the end of this month, so I have to finish up the blankets and then I can buckle down (famous last words).

Has anyone worked on their challenge yet?



picking out my yarn I have done nothing - oh, and my pattern.


The decision has been made to not persevere with my previous plans. Each one created more obstacles than pleasure. However, while I will cut my losses in time, materials, and costs; I will not wave the white flag of surrender on the Challenge.

Already I have found the technique of rag twining movements easier for me. Rags in my desired colors should be easier to locate than the yarns have been. I have got to finish a current project. Then, the next one will be focused on colors.

My 2017 Twist Along for learning twining includes...

  1. Jan-Mar __ Twined Basics __ a simple item using multicolored scraps

  2. Apr-Jun __ Twined Color __ item where colors are planned for value or pattern or graphic motif

  3. Jul-Sept __ Twined Shape __ item that is not a rectangle: oval, round, vase, basket

  4. Oct-Dec __ Twined Giving __ item you plan to gift or donate

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