Well of course YES is the answer - but should I?  Down to a 63 inch Glimakra, overhead draw harness device, currently 8 shafts.  Drawloom takes so long to set up, I was using 2 looms till one left (sold) today.  I can upgrade to 12 S 12 T - and switch between draw and regula weaving - I have LEH and regular heddles.

I also have a 48 inch Varpa that needs parts and work, just have no desire to get her done.








One reason I like to own several looms (besides the fact that each does something better than the other) is that weaving is a repetative motion activity. Each loom has a different motion and rhythm. It's a lot easier on my muscles to have this variety.  

danteen (not verified)

Of course you can't weave simultaneously on more than one loom at once, and it may depend somewhat on your space availability, but I have projects on three looms at the moment.  I have to switch off for the same reasons as "big white sofa dog."  The smaller loom  with a 26" wide warp uses a regular shuttle and when my arms get tired, I can still get work done on the large loom(56") with the fly shuttle.   Different motions.   Also, while I am weaving away, I get ideas for new projects and may want to sample before I get done with a project that is already in progress, so I will use another loom for that reason as well.

The third loom that I currently have warped is for a class that I will teach in rigid heddle.  Needed samples for that class.  I do that in between the regular  floor loom weaving.  Another change of pace.

Both of my floor looms are AVL's 16 and 24 shaft dobbies.



I have always had more than one.  I would have a really hard time trying to decide what kind, as in style and size, to go down to one loom.  I like more than one for the reasons already stated plus I have found that I really like to weave from loom to loom.  I generally put on fairly short warps but even so, I always seem to want to move onto something else.  I am just really lucky to have the space in my home for my herd.


Can you live with more than one loom?

I am hoping to move from my current very large house to a much smaller house, probably half the size of my current home.  When this happens, I think I will only be able to have one loom simply because of space.  So Dawn - I've been following your discussions with interest.  If you have the space, then you can transition slowly, and if you are emotionally attached, then there is no need to downsize faster than your comfort zone.

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