Bring your lab coat,  your minions, and your devious experiments with fiber, wire, bead, and reed!

It is time for building. We weave lovely things all year, but sometimes we just need to make something that won't lay flat. Here is your chance:

Mad Scientists of HalloWeave 2014

Let's use this opportunity to brainstorm sculptural materials, share photos of mistakes and surprises, show off our minions helping in our labs, and maybe even make something that comes to life on it's own. I am a student of art and sculpture, and I have been missing my off-loom beadweaving. I would love to see a bit of basket work, some stuffed dolls covered in things, maybe even some outdoor artwork woven into your environment. I have a mannequin head which I think may need to be energized! 

Join the rest of the evil geniuses over here --->



... but it probably will be just samples. There is a challenge I have to do, to be ready by mid-February - and I was thinking of 3D.

(Already started on paper...)

sarahnopp (not verified)

Can't wait to see your models and experiments. I expect this to be a jumping off point for me too. I need to break out of student mode and start really exploring the media I have trained to work with.


I have had a collapse weave scarf on one of my looms for ages.  It is part of my HalloWeave goal to finish it off - maybe it can come here as well.

sarahnopp (not verified)

I suppose it could count! I was really thinking three-dimensional work, things more sculptural than practical. I am not interested in being the weaving police, so if you say it fits, I believe you! Don't forget to actually join the group :)

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