I own an older Weavebird: purchased 8/11/2005.  I stopped weaving in summer of 2009 because I became frustrated with all the jams and lack of technical support in Western Colorado.  I have recently found the Leclerc trouble shooting guide online.  Has anyone made the cable system upgrade?  What are your experiences with jams.  Here is what Francois wrote to me: 

Yes we made over the years a major modification to solve the jamming problem.

Yes the treadle cords adjustment is ver ver important.You have to take the time to adjust them so the loom work as it is suppose to work.See this page:http://www.leclerclooms.com/support/Cable_adjustment.htm However the best solution is to update for the newest cables which include springs controling the tension on those cables. I strongly suggest you to update your loom to the new cables.This kit include a new treadle cables system.See this page and the video.http://www.leclerclooms.com/support/Weavebirdkit2009.html