Does the bowl in this picture have anything to do with the spindle

Also can you explain the dance/celebration that this "spindle" is used in?

I purchased these through EBay a while back.



bolivian warmi

I have no idea about that bowl. When I have seen women supporting their spindles in bowls , the objects have usually been  very shallow and small terracotta dishes that are abundant in the street markets in La Paz although I doubt that they are made specifically for spinning. Nice looking spindle BTW.

I have never seen that kind of festive spindle before but it does remind me of a large spindle that a shop owner gave me once in La Paz that was probably an "undressed" version of that one. It seemed more decorative than practical, very polished and I didn't like it at all so I ended up leaving it behind when I moved up from Chile. I had no idea that it could be some kind of festival item. It really seemed like a toy.

I haven't seen anything like the one you have bought, which is far more interesting, even in books.

Sorry I can't be more helpful!