With Susan Harvey's permission I am posting a link to her scarf project.  With a little planning on how you tie and space your fringe you can incorporate beads into your scarf finish.  Thanks to Susan for her permission to link to her project!

Here is her project:


And here is the direct link to her blog where she talks about the bead fringe



Susan Harvey (not verified)

If anyone would like further details on techniques, please visit my blog and look under 'topic shopping' for past posts on such techniques as fringe twisting, beading the scarf or shawl. There is also a link to a friend's blog where more tutorials are to be found. She does lovely work!

I have always felt that if you take all that time to plan and weave a lovely project, then finish it off right... that also includes the washing and pressing.

Please feel free to message me if you have a question.



jordanj (not verified)

Thanks for posting this! Her blog is so interesting too. Inspires me to be a "little more careful" with the finishing bit.