I have been making some key fobs on my inkle loom using the instructions from Laverne's e-book (available at Weavezine) and am pleased with the ease of the process as well as the results. Because I am using a "regular" sized inkle loom, I even have room for the saver cord that Laverne so highly recommends. 





bolivian warmi

Aha! I was wondering when you posted the picture in the backstrap group if you were manually picking all the sheds or using string heddles so now I see. yes, that is a great inkle loom for this with all that lovely room in front. What kind is it?

I am writing my blog as i write this comment...may I use your pictures?

Don't forget to name your loom in your reply please :-) Nice design too!

jordanj (not verified)

Yes, you may use my pictures - always and forever - it's the least I can do to repay you for sharing your knowledge!

The inkle loom is one I bought off ebay from bigfam15. I believe he also has an etsy store. The wood is recycled from a church pew. 

Wild color warp coming up next!


bolivian warmi

Is that the same guy who made Lisa's loom? I remember you asked me about her loom once. That would explain all the room as I wove on her loom on that road trip and it was great and thanks for letting me use the pics.

jordanj (not verified)

My inkle loom was not made by the same person who made Lisa's loom. I have not ventured into the "mini" inkle loom world yet. I am waiting for the 'perfect' one and I think there are some companies working on just that. I think there is a market for such a thing. And wouldn't it be nice if it would weave a bit wider too!


bolivian warmi

Yep, that's wild! I can't make out what color you have with the orange. Is that a red or a purple? Show us the other side! Plans for this?

jordanj (not verified)

That is burgundy in the background with the orange. I originally had burgundy with an apple green, but the green was not enough contract for the yellow. So, even though I don't like orange, I thought it would be wild, and so it seems to be!

When my daughter saw this on the loom, she immediately "claimed" it, so I guess I'll make a series of key fobs. I am working on other design variations now.

Here is the other side: