We're camping at the KOA in Albuquerque.  It looked to be the best campground in the area.  We have an Itasca motorhome and just made our reservations.  We'll be there for both Complex Weavers and Convergence.



weaversouth (not verified)

Got my reservations for the KOA ground!  I'm in a "PUP" anybody else???

Nancy C

msjoe (not verified)

I may join you all at the KOA--I'm in a small Airstream

Any one else driving from California?

Michelle S


Small Airstreams are the best - we have a 19cb floorplan-love it

TinaHilton (not verified)

Great!  We have friends (not Weavo members though) who will be camping with us in their motorhome too.   The more the merrier!