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The WooleryGuy (not verified)

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Looking to purchase a loom?  There are many things to consider - What do you want to weave? Is this your first loom?  How much space do you have? etc.  We'll help you figure our which loom is right for you - click here for more information!

To find the proper boat shuttle to go with your loom, click here for our useful FAQ.

How (and why) to use a Temple when weaving - not only will you improve the look of your weaving, but it will be easier and faster to do! If you aren't already using a Temple, you'll definitely want to check out this link.

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I just received my Kromsi 32" loom on friday. It came with a 10 dent heddle, can I use Red Heart Worsted weight yarn on a 10 dent or will it damage the heddle? Seeing as the yarm wraps at 5 epi i was going to skip every second slot and hole..

I have a big stash that I wanted to get rid of and i'm dying to try my loom.



The WooleryGuy (not verified)

Great question, David!  The short answer is: Acrylics aren't the best choice for weaving.  They don't full, so the cloth tends to be a little limp.  However, it sounds like you have a lot of stash to use up, so in your case we would recommend putting on a wool warp and then weaving with the Red Heart. 

That said, the Red Heart won't damage your reed, but the reed might damage the yarn if the holes are too small for the yarn.  Try threading a yarn through a holes and then rubbing it back and forth to see if it shreds. Hope that helps!  Happy weaving.


I have added some slats to the shafts of a countermarch loom to accommodate faster shaft switching ala one of Peter Collingwood's suggestions in The Techniques of Rug Weaving.  This added weight, however, causes those shafts to sink quite a bit compared to the unweighted shafts.  Can I offset this difference by adding an opposing weight elsewhere to bring the heddle eyes up in line where they should be?  If so, where should it be added?


It's been awhile since I've contacted the wonderful weavers of Weavolution. I am still a novice, but I've taken what I've learned and managed to finish a good number of projects. Most of these are in a 2/2 twill structure in various patterns.  I would like to introduce a vertical discontinuous design in one such twill piece, but do not know if this is possible or if so, how it might be accomplished. I have a 4-shaft, 6-treadle vintage countermarch loom. Although I have yet to find any clear direction, (at least none that makes sense to me)  it seems that "clasped weft" or laid-in weft could work, but instructions are given for plain weave structure. An suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!


Oops! Regarding my query about twill and a discontinous design, it would be made of horizontal "lines" of varying thicknesses and lengths stacked vertically from near bottom to near top of the woven piece - not in the direction of the warp threads. 



I am weaving a scarf at 30 epi and have accidently threaded an extra warp thread(two on the same shaft, next to each other). I did not notice it on my sample and I have woven about one foot of the scarf. I am inclined to just cut one of the threads and carry on.  Is there any reason that would be wrong?


That's what I would do (and have done in the past).  I suggest you might want to wrap the loose thread around a spare bobbin or the like to keep it from getting tangled at the back of your loom while you're weaving. 


What happened to the warp as it was wound on to the beam that caused the longer length warp as you look from the left to the right side?

Any help is appreciated .



Oh wow that is quite a difference! What did you use for packing material?


i recently perchased a 24” Ashford rigid heddle loom with a stand for a great price.  I have 2 floor looms (Bernet and Harrisville) and have been weaving for nearly 40 years but this is my first rigid heddle loom.  It came with a 7.5 reed and know I will eventually be wanting to make towels, scarves, and fabric for pillows.  Suggestions on whether I get a second 7.5 reed, or get a 10, or 12.5 reed....so many choices! Looking for advice.  

Mary Frances Pedro

Pattern is not weaving correctly. I have checked my threading again, and the tie-up for errors. I had just woven a piece and it was working. Started over and now nothing is working. 

Erica J

Mary Frances,

I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble with Summer and Winter! It is one of my favourite weaves! I would suggest a separate post to trouble shoot your issue. Having it's own post, will help other weavers see your question, both those who can help and those who may have the same issue in the future.

I would suggest you post the question in your House Group (Chiu, Jones, or Segal).  The Coffee Shop Group would be another good place. You can choose more than one group to post your question in too! We will also need more information, a picture of what the weaving looks like is probably the best place to start!