I just put up a project I wove with straw as weft.. thought I'd mention it :)


Kristina (not verified)

  Wonderfull!! You mentioned the book "Väv i halm" . I´m thinking a longer time about ordering this book, but I`m not sure if  it is suitable, if you are not able to understand swedish. If there were many pictures i would have no problem, because I have over the time  a growing rudimentary knowing of swedish weaving terms.

Maybe I can ask you for translation some special terms ;O)?


Sure ask away. It's about the same as most Swedish weaving books-- if you have any of the Ignell books for instance. It's what we  would call a 'recipe book'.. there  is some text in the beginning with history and some basic technique, but most of it is a pictures of projects and how to make them.