I've just downloaded wifnproof on my samsung tablet.  I ordered the ipad version, since my screen is ten inches.  Downloading the program and registration went fine.

I placed a wif I had gotten from handweaving.net on the cloud and imported it to my tab.  But there's nothing there but a title.  No liftplan, no threading.....what have I done wrong?  

The tablet came with a loom I bought and I reset the tablet to download my own copy of the app.  Previously it had the kindle Fire version.  Is that what I should have gotten instead?



Helen S

Hi Ellen

Email me at [email protected] for assistance and attach the WIF file you downloaded from handweaving.net.  I also need your name and email address to find you in the registered user database. Which samsung tablet do you have?


euglossa (not verified)

the import opened in fiberworks and I saved it to the default format.  I thought of that while at work today, and got home, saved as wif and hey, presto, it worked.

thanks for the fast response.  

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