Connect to, inspire, amuse, and learn from your fellow fiber enthusiasts by participating in the very fun WGM Project Sharing Contest.

Collect your pictures and upload them to flickr, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. This isn’t a merit-based contest – all photos of handmade items will be accepted. And don’t be shy! Upload photos of the good projects, the bad and ugly projects; the projects you hated and loved; the spun, the woven, the knitted, the sewn; the finished and unfinished; the class projects and the independent work….

The winner will be selected at random, and this lucky person will win a fab prize – a $100 WGM gift certificate. The deadline is July 31.




FACEBOOK Post a photo on the WGM’s page weaversguildmn

TWITTER & INSTAGRAM Upload a photo and use the hastag #WGMprojectsharing



FLICKR Join the flickr group WGM Project Sharing and upload your photos.


sally orgren

Can we post to Weavolution under this thread and be included?