Welcome back after an unexpected absence! Handspun Handwoven has returned and shouldn't disappear again <fingers crossed>. I'm Dawn, and I'm now the Administrator/Moderator of Handspun Handwoven. I've been spinning for about 15 years, and weaving somewhat longer than that. The current project is a handwoven burnouse out of some pounds of Romney that started as raw fleece. I'm currently combing and spinning the warp from Romney locks dyed in a rainbow of colors; once finished, the weft will be spun from some black Romney I've had put aside for a special project.

So...what are you working on? What are your goals? What's making you crazy right now?


ilaine (not verified)

I guess to celeberate the group's return I'll actually take my handspun shawl home from work so I can photograph it and show it off.

Sherie (not verified)

Hi, I'm Sherie from the Texas Panhandle.  I'm a new weaver - just purchased a Harrisville 36" 8H loom and have done only 2 projects so far.  The next up will be some dishtowels.  Still have to wind the warp for those.  So far I'm LOVING weaving.  I have tons of handspun that I want to start using once I get just a bit better.

TinaHilton (not verified)

I've been weaving for 6 years and spinning for 3.  So far, my handspun has mostly been sitting around looking pretty.  I did knit a small scarf and am just starting a cardigan sweater for my mother in shetland.   I have one way of spinning, which I believe is what's called a short draw worsted.   I'm learning which breeds of wool I can spin easily and which give me trouble.  I surprised myself  by being able to spin alpaca with no problem.   I'd heard scary stories of how slippery it was, but I was able to adapt fairly quickly.

Since I have a lot of small skeins, I thought I would take my frame looms (Hazel Rose looms) with me when I go camping and weave up some squares and triangles and make a patchwork quilt type of blanket.  I feel very nervous about putting my handspun on the loom as warp.  Since I don't have a lot of any one type or color, I think my first efforts need to be scarves.

francorios (not verified)

I'm Franco Rios from Sacramento, Calif.

I've been weaving for a couple of years. My first woven piece was a mini-rug 10"x12" hand spun wool, brown alpaca, handwoven on a loom made from a picture frame

I haven't used any handspun in weaving since then although I do have a stash of handspun yarn waiting to go into a project. Looking forward to seeing other pictures for inspiration.

Have a good day!

ilaine (not verified)

My shawl - this was from dyed wool/mohair blend. I bought a few ounces of a dark garnet and bright watermelon color, and blended them coarsly in a drumcarder. The resulting color shifts make the woven fabric look subtly plaid. I used overtwisted singles sett very loosely. My goal was a sort of crinkly gauze that would be springy and cuddly like knitted fabric. It worked really well. I keep it at work for when the AC is blowing too much on my back.


MeliXar (not verified)

Beautiful shawl, ilaine, and wonderful colour blend. And francorios, treasure that first tapestry in your handspun. I'm now in spinning mode, spinning each day as a participant in the Tour de Fleece in Ravelry. I'm hoping the 3-ply yarn produced today can be used to mend a Persian rug that a dog chewed on. There's always need for spinners and weavers. I love getting to experience crafty online social networks.

kathkol (not verified)

 I am back too!  Yeah!  Thank you!  

I am Kathy, from Michigan.  I have been spinning and knitting, sewing, dyeing, etc. for a long time.  Weaving is new to me.

I am currently spinning a merino/tencel blend that I hope will be my first all-handspun weaving project.  It is a pound of roving and I only have about half a bobbin so far - so I am not holding my breath!

Getting off the computer to spin!

Cheekyredhead (not verified)

I'm Christine and I've been a spinner for what seems like forever.  I've been weaving off and on for about 15 years.  I mostly been using my handspun for the last few years and finally feel confident enough to use my singles as warp.


Ooooo...that's beautiful. To swipe something from another site, love (100). 8-D

davasdu (not verified)

hi, im from cornwall. ive been trying to learn tablet weaving (very slowly) for about 3 months and im thinking of getting into backstrap weaving, but ive been spinning since christmas, and have been learnin got weave with my handspun. im partway through spinning the yarn for a tablet woven bag (which may become a backstrap woven bag, as i can do it in fewer bands thatway).

cgoyer (not verified)

Thanks for posting this. I'm thinking of using some singles for a project and was wondering what sort of cloth I'd get.


cgoyer (not verified)

Hello all. Cheryl Goyer here from southern Oregon. I've been spinning for 8 years and weaving for about 4 years. I've used my handspun to make a couple of scarves. Currently I'm spinning cotton on a tahkli with the idea of using it to weave enough fabric to make a shirt of some kind. Don't know how many years that will take. :o)

thanks for starting this group.

ilaine (not verified)

I'm with you in that boat. I've got a pound (or was it 2?) of natural green cotton roving I'm spinning to weave, planning a shirt or tunic like object. I've been about 1/4 done for years now. sigh.

Cheekyredhead (not verified)

I'm with you in spinning cotton for a handwoven project.  I've got various naturaly colored cottons that will turn into stripes.

woven2000 (not verified)

Hi, I'm Clare from Connecticut.  I started weaving about 22 years ago, but just started spinning a year ago.  I spin strictly on spindles - I just prefer working with them over spinning on a wheel. 

I finished my first 4 ounces of teal Merino/Tencel in a fairly fine singles, and plan to use as weft for a shawl.  My next handspun, a grey Merino/Silk blend is planned to be two-ply for socks.  I am also spinning some BFL extremely fine singles in a peacock space-dyed color sequence, probably for weft.


Aunt Janet (not verified)

I've been weaving seriously for a couple of years.  I've taken workshops from several instructors, learning things such as shaft switching rug weaving, Swedish towel techniques, Acadian weaving, and a couple of workshops on diversity on a four shaft loom.  The workshop I missed is a good warping workshop.  I'll have to catch up on that later.  I'm a prolific spinner, and usually use handspun in my weavings.  One of my pieces of fabric is all hadspun cotton, warp and weft. I have an inkle  band of handspun to use as seam binding.  I am real close to cutting.  It will be a blouse for myself.  Besides the wool and cotton I have spun waiting for me to use it, I have three big trash bags full of handspun yarns for sale. 

Yes, I am on that list about cutting your handspun, handwoven fabric. 

lambspin (not verified)

 Thanks for reviving the handspun forum: I *thought* I had joined before, but ....it (poof!) disappeared :).

I'm Sara.  I weave with handspun yarns a lot: fabric, bands, shawls and scarves, bags and even rugs.

Here is a silk knotted pile (rug technique) small bag:

tattude75 (not verified)

I am new to spinning and weaving. I got my first wheel about a month ago and got my first loom only a couple of weeks back. I am looking forward to learning from everyone here.

Cheryl Muckenfuss (not verified)


I had posted before and then the group disappeared.  I thought it was something I said  LOL.

Years ago I wove a couple projects with handspun, but now I want to get serious about it.  I have been spinning and dyeing alot the past year and a half and have accumulated boxes and boxes of handspun; so the time has arrived to get serious about using it in my weaving.

Looking forward to the exchanges on this group's forum.

Cheryl in Cincy

suzyhok (not verified)

I've been spinning off and on for about 35 years!  (EEK -- didn't know it was THAT long! ) Haven't spun much the past 10 years but I am getting back into it again now that I've retired.  I joined the Fiber Guild of the Savannahs in our new home in the South A group of us meet once or twice a month with our wheels.  We've also done several demonstrations for fairs.

 I love the feel of the fibers as they flow through my fingers!  I started with wool but have spun most fibers on my trusty Ashford that I bought many many years ago through my spinning guild in Ithaca, NY (the Black Sheep Handspinners Guild) for I think... $45 which was really really expensive for me at the time!  Several years ago I challenged myself to spin milkweed down carded with black sheep fleece and knit a vest. in a week.  I've knit and woven with my handspun but have never used it as a warp. (I hate to waste handspun!

I don't have any photos of what I've done in the past... But once we return to Savannah and my wheel and loom I plan to take up where I left off!

thumbelinaspins (not verified)

Hi, I'm Rona from Brisbane, Australia, I've been a spinner for many many years.  I took weaving lessons about 20 years ago but put it aside as I brought up my children.  I'm now taking it up again and have been using my ridgid heddle loom for a few projects and I just recieved a new 4 harness loom which I am setting up right now.  It is a Saori loom and it came with a roll of black warp so I am busy spinning up some beautiful dyed BFL/SILK/ANGORA RABBIT singles, it has a beautiful sheen to it and the colors are in Autumn tones.  I can't wait to get started weaving to see how the colors morph on the loom.

sgt_majorette (not verified)

I've been spinning for 3 years, knitting on and off for about 50. Most of my handspun turns out worsted no matter how I prep the fleece, so I thought I'd take up weaving. I didn't take to the rigid heddle loom, but I took an oriental carpet weaving workshop, and I think that's for me! I like making the killim part, and I have no color sense for dyeing, so I thought Two Grey Hills Navajo style would work for me.

I'm ADD, but my dolls need things, so I'm thinking miniatures.

My next CVM fleece I'll sort by color instead of blending, and make rugs/blankets of one sheep.

Caroline (not verified)

Hi, I'm Caroline from Adelaide, South Australia and a spindle spinner, and on-again, off-again weaver. I first started weaving nearly 25 years ago, with a backstrap loom, and using cards/tablets until I made my first loom. I've come back to weaving now that I have the time and the space, and a yarn mountain to do something with - I seriously do NOT like knitting! I have most types of looms imaginable, and I've made most of them, because we don't get the weaving supplies that you guys in the States are blessed with!

I've been a bit hesitant about using handspun for weaving, as I mainly spin knitting and designer yarns, but if I can't show my yarns off in weaving, when can I?

I know a few of you from other groups - "hi" - and those of you I've yet to meet - "hi" too!

Lynnhelen (not verified)


I'm Lynn from central Massachusetts. I joined the very first day Weavolution went live then you were gone!! I'm so glad you all are back.

I've been spinning over 25 years. I recently learned to weave and would love to use my handspun in a project. I must admit that the thought of spinning enough yarn for warp & weft is a bit daunting!! I teach summer camp so I've been teasing fleece while the kids work on their fiber projects. I have 2 romney fleeces to tease & card.

Thanks to iliane for the beautful shawl inspiration. I may jump out of my "natural" phase and use some dye!

dteaj (not verified)

Great to see that this group is back again. I'm Debbie from central MA. I've been spinning for about 18 years, weaving off and on for about 15, mostly with handspun, mostly for clothing. However, I'm on a collapse weave kick right now, so I'm doing scarves, some handspun, some with commercial yarns.

Diana Hickman (not verified)

 I'm Diana from Texas (Dallas) and just found out about this site in a box of fiber I ordered from Cotton Clouds.  I ordered some Black Diamond Bamboo Sliver - Has anybody spun any of that yet?  It looked absolutely beautiful, but I'm not sure how to go about spinning it.  I have been a spinner and weaver for about 15 years, but I have learned entirely by the trial and error method.  This stuff just seems too beautiful to waste on experimenting.  I do want to weave it when I'm done, and I ordered some 10/2 black pearl cotton for warp.  I  have two looms just recently warped for dishtowels, so I have to do that first.  I'm an English teacher (for at least one more year) and now that summer is more than half over, I'm trying to do everything at once.


Threadsz (not verified)

Hello!  I started weaving and spinning wool several years ago.  I love doing both.  So far, I have incorporated handspun wool into only one project --  a grey, brown and cream plaid afghan.  It came out great.  I especially love the feel and smell of the lanolin in the wool, even after it was wet finished. 

I would love to do more weaving with handwovens.  Soon, I hope to use some of my hand-dyed wool for a project.  I'm searching for ideas to make something special. 


Katherine (not verified)

Hi, I'm Katherine from Pennsylvania.  I've only been spinning for 4 years and weaving even less.   It seemed like a natural progression once I started accumulating all that handspun yarn!    After taking a quick count my projects seem to be split half handspun / half purchased yarn. 


People have been raving about Black Diamond for the past 6 months. I haven't tried any of it, primarily because I don't like spinning tencel, bamboo, INGEO, or other manmade fibers (I don't like my fiber squeaking at me).

Have you tried spinning from the fold, the way a lot of people spin silk top? That, along with a lot of twist, should make it settle right down and behave itself.

I understand about trying to get everything done at once. I go back to work in 2 1/2 weeks (I'm an History teacher), and I still have a mountain of stuff to get finished!

Diana Hickman (not verified)

 I already started spinning the Black Diamond Bamboo, and it hasn't squeaked at me even once.  The yarn is almost as beautiful as the pile of fiber.  I saw some advertised on Etsy that was plied with a fine metallic thread.  Think I might try that.  The next bobbin-full, I'll try on the fold.



Aunt Janet (not verified)

OK, I would like to know more abut the milkweed down!  I have a spindle full of some, with plans to pick and spin some more.  I was going to enter some in the local Co. fair for kicks, but i don't have the required fifty yards yet.  How did your vest come out?  How does it hold up to washing, and wearing?  I would like to weave it with cotton, wonderifng if I should ply it.  It seems pretty delicate by itself, so maybe carding it with the cotton would be a better idea.  I will appreciate your thoughts on the subject.

Aunt Janet

Aunt Janet (not verified)

I also have a lot of handspun yarns waiting for me to weave them.  I can't seem to warp fast enough to keep up with the ideas.  An extra loom sounds like fun, but that isn't going to happen any time soon, and I'm not getting out the rusty ole dorothy. Every inkle loom in my posession is in use on an ongoing research project.  My CB loom has commercial, organic cotton, 10/2,9 yards, better than half warped, with a pile of handspun cotton waiting to weave into it. 

After the cotton, I'll probably go back to wool, since that is what most of my handspun is.  I have a bunch of super-coil yarns I want to use as weft.  I haven't seen any cloth using these yarns, yet.  It will be textured.  I'm hoping I can get the coils to lay between the warp threads and pop up like beads.  We'll see.

see what I mean, though about too many ideas, and yarn waiting?  I'll bet many of us are like that.

Aunt Janet

Aunt Janet (not verified)

Replying to myself here.

I cut the cotton fabric, and starting to sew it up.  I entered it in the co. fair, for incentive to finish it.  So far, ok.

whorlwindweaver (not verified)


Hi! Iove been spinning for nearly 20 years, but I've recently discovered weaving.  I love weaing! Below is a link to my first projects, two hall runners I wove with 8/5 linen rug warp and used four-ply handspun at 8 wpi.

I sort of plunged into the whole thing, learning as I wove, Kind of a lot for a first go, but I was motivated by the need for new runners.



desertweaver (not verified)

Those rugs look great to me!    I'm planning a saddle blanket using churro wool for later this year.  It's the first time I will have woven a saddle blanket, but you give me confidence.


Nice rugs!

Isn't amazing what we can accomplish when motivated by need? I'm weaving a 20' long rag rug right now because we need a new stair runner.

Thumper70 (not verified)

Hi, I'm Alexis,

I live in London

I've been spinning for 3 years (two seriously) and have been weaving since late last year. On a whim (and partially related to my doing my PhD) I started with a drop spindle and found I loved it. I got a spinning wheel, and a rigid heddle loom for Christmas. I'm still "catching up" by way of using the yarn I've made. Thus far I've experiemented with knitting looms (loads of fun) and my loom. I've just started a rug (see my project page or visit my blog for pics & updates) on a purely experimental - that is I've not a clue what I'm doing - basis, and am thus far pretty pleased with the result. I'm keen to see what others are doing with their hand spun, as well as to learn from your tips and catastrophes.

Michaela (not verified)


I'm Michaela from Charleston, SC the last eight years, but from Oregon for the 25 before that.  That is where I learned to spin and took up weaving, but let it drop.  I had already been a knitter.  Now I mostly weave, do some spinning and knit.  My goal is to use up my stash (L0L). 

whorlwindweaver (not verified)

Churro wool sounds perfect for a saddle blanket. It will be fun to weave.

whorlwindweaver (not verified)

Funny how necessity spurs us. 

deefee (not verified)


My name is Dee Dee and I live in Bellingham, WA. Love to weave with my handspun! Just discovered Weavolution. Having been on Ravlery.com for quite a while now, I'm glad to find a similar site for weavers.

suzyhok (not verified)

I did this YEARS ago!  But as I remember I handcarded the milkweed down with Some dark brown fleece that I had.  So I wasn't using that much down compared to wool.  I handwashed the vest I made and it held up quite well.  I'm not sure the down on it's own will work... but give it a try.  It may be very nice with cotton!  Let me know!


lambspin (not verified)

 Hey! I am a knotted pile weaver too!  I just like making knots, and miniature carpets would be perfect (I make bags, instead: still small). 

I have a few knotted pile things in my projects, like this hat:


And a new book coming out this Fall called Woven Treasures form Interweave, with knotted pile projects:  http://saralamb.blogspot.com/2009/08/book-details.htm



showell (not verified)


My name is Sharon and I have been spinning and weaving for over 6 years now.  Somehow, the two never meet!  I have spun many pounds of different types of yarn, but then can't bring myself to use them in anything other than knitting.  My two latest projects were spinning wensleydale yarn (and making sure I keep the sheen of the fiber) and an unusal mixture of merino/soy beans/and banana leaves.  This last one was fun.  I wanted to make an imitation cabled yarn, without actually cabling it.  The roving was dyed in 6 different colors and I was able to achieve the look I aimed for.  Many have to look up close to see it's only two ply ~ and then still question if they are seeing it correctly.

Due to time constraints right now, I am limited to spinning.  Hope that some time will free up to do some more weaving in the near future.  And then perhaps have the guts to actually weave what I spin (gulp!)

esmesmom (not verified)


I'm Laura from the northeastern corner of Vermont.  I'm into my third year of spinning and haven't been weaving a year yet so all this is pretty new still.   Up here in the northern reaches of Appalachia, it's often the case that women have THE paying job(s) in the family; that's how it is with me, so time is somewhat limited to play with woolies, but I manage.

My little cat Esme has medium fur.  I'm planning to try handcarding it with some wool when it gets warm enough to card outdoors.  I want to shear my friend's Maine Coon, but she's already got dibs.  Maybe she'll share.

I use a Majacraft Susie Pro and my 4-shaft loom is anonymous but fun.

cookie48 (not verified)

Hi, Sara

My name is Cookie and I belong to Spindles N Flyers spinning guild in Berkeley, California.  Although I couldn't attend due to financial reasons, I did purchased a copy of your book on "Woven Treasures" and I built myself a copper loom.  I was impressed with the looms and woven cut-pile pieces  some of the members in my spinning guild brought in.  I was 2 or 3 years ago.

I'm impressed with your projects and your spun and woven silk bags.  You visited our guild and brought in your gorgeous woven bags.  Wished I was wealthy so I can attend more these wonderful workshops.



 Hi everybody,

I am new on this site. I am danish, but living in Norway. I took a weaving course shortly after the family moved to Norway more than 20 years ago, but as I had small children and limited room I did no more weaving until about ten years ago.  Since then I have been weaving. Last summer we spent the summerholidays in Denmark, I had a newly purchased knitters' loom with me. That made a relative think of a spinning wheel she had in her cellar that she no longer used. Wouldn't I like to have it? We agreed that I can have the wheel next summer, when we come to Denmark again.

2000 kms further north I almost panicked by the thougth that I was going to start spinning and I had no idea how. So I started by ordering two books on spinning. Some weeks later a had to contact the internet store to ask them what had happened to my books. A couple of days later I received my books - and a spindle.  That was it, of course I had to order some wool and I was going. After a while I wanted to try a lighter spindle, and I made my own from a CD and a stick with a hook. Now I am waiting for my newest purchase: a new ligtwaight spindle.

By now I have a small stash of handspun yarn, that I will  use for both weaving and knitting projects together with the stash of commercial yarns that I have gathered for years of weaving. I might have to stop buying yarn for some time and limit myself to buying fibers. 


suzyhok (not verified)

Hi Eva...

You have been so resourceful in your quest to learn to spin!  One source that you may try is YouTube.  It is amazing the short videos that you can find there on learning to spin.  I find that it is often easier to SEE someone doing it and then try it myself... than read about it.  Good luck!  Spinning can be very relaxing once you master the technique!  

 :-D  Suzy

Jojolly (not verified)

 Hi everyone.  I'm Jody.  I'm an American living in Canada.  I've been spinning since I was 3 (my Amish Grandma taught me) and weaving for about 16 years.  But I've never woven my handspun before.  What's with that?  I must be crazy.  Anyway, I've met a lovely elderly man who has gifted me with a lifetime (his lifetime) of handspun yarn and a Schacht wheel.  In return, he wants his handspun dog hair yarn woven into a Queen-sized blanket.  I'm spinning bags and bags of his Maltese dog hair into a tightly spun,fine singles to ply and use as the warp. I figured I'd use his spinning, which is mostly sport-weight, for the weft.

Here's what worries me.  His spun skeins are very heavy, not necessarily thick, but very dense.  I'm afraid this blanket is going to weigh about 40lbs when it's done.  Any suggestions about how to proceed here would be appreciated.  I'm afraid I'm going to have to let him down and use some other fiber as well, maybe using his dog yarn for accent.  Any ideas?

lambspin (not verified)

Hi Cookie;

I just saw your post, sorry it has taken me so long to acknowledge it!  

I do like the copper looms.  I modified the plans provided by Archie Brennan for the simple weave structures that I use. 

Most of the weaving I do just takes time, not money, and is perfect for handspun yarns :).

Take care, 


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