Have the first heddle done and will start on the second after I take a short break. Once the warp is finished and tied on I will take picture to post and then post photos as the weaving progresses.



the warp is spread and I will begin weaving tomorrow. I will post pictures on my project page as I progress.

tien (not verified)

Wow!  That was fast.  Do post pictures, I wanna see them!


It is only 12 inches wide and total warp length is only 80 inches so it went fairly fast - I am hoping the weaving goes as smoothly!


don't ask - lots of twists, knots and weirdness - not sure how it happened since the warp was already tied on the loom, wish I could blame the puppies but it was all me somehow- anyway the long and short of it is I will be rewarping the loom tomorrow evening and starting to weave again then. . .  Good thing I still have a week and half to get this done. :)

Weeweaver (not verified)

Hi Folks, I thought I would join you to encourage me to do a weaving related activity each day, if possible. Yesterday I started threading for my Demon Seamstress project. It's sometimes hard to find the time and the energy to weave, as I volunteer drive 6 days a week. I usually drive about a thousand miles a week and sometimes I'm too tired to do anything. Today I am going to thread some more, with the goal of finishing the threading.

Yarnsnthreads (not verified)

I have just put the next set of towels through the reed and realized I am about 2 inches short or 62 ends. So I'm off to the warping board and then to the loom. My goal is to get these towels on the loom and ready to weave tomorrow all in the next 5 hours or so.

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