I was lazy and used Excel to create a timeline with their SmartArt.  But it makes for a large file, so if you try to look at it and it seems like it's hanging, just be patient, since it takes some time to load.  I love the format of Mary's and would like to know what tool she used to create it.  Even without the lovely colors, it would be a nice, clean and easy to read format.

My process doc is still a work in progress.  I decided to split it out into a dyeing plan/record, where I record all the data about the dye session and have the calculations and quantities recorded, and the process doc itself which will be independent of a specific session, and I haven't finished splitting it out yet.  I've uploaded the version I currently have, along with the start of my plan/record sheet, and will continue to work on it.  Trying to make it a tool that will work for me going forward.




Karren K. Brito

I too have two documents; a generic process and the actual data from each run.